With the riding season in full swing thanks to the beautiful summer weather, now is the perfect time to embark on that long-distance adventure aboard your motorcycle. Of course, with long-distance rides, come the need for packing your clothes and personal belongings for the days ahead. This, more often than not, entails fitting some luggage accessories on the motorcycle.

In France, popular motorcycle luggage distributor Louis offers a vast array of luggage solutions for all types of motorcycles. It even offers useful portable tools and accessories meant to be carried along with you on your adventures. This riding season, Louis is offering its premium top case, the Moto-Detail, at a substantial discount. Usually priced at €99.99, or roughly $118 USD, the Louis Moto-Detail can now be purchased at the low, low price of just €49.99 or the equivalent of just $59 USD.

The Louis Moto-Detail is a 48-liter universal top case which is applicable for use on nearly all types of motorcycles. Included in the package is a universal mounting plate which can easily be attached to any rear luggage rack. Built by German motorcycle accessory specialist Hepco & Becker, the Louis Moto-Detail top case is constructed out of an impact-resistant plastic which does not crack in the event of a tip over. It even features a rubber gasket on the lip of the top case in order to provide waterproofing for all your belongings.

This high-capacity 48-liter top case is capable of storing up to two full-face helmets, with some room to spare for other small personal belongings. For lone riders, the top case is perfect for multiple-day adventures out of town, as well as around town duty on a daily basis. It effectively eliminates the need to carry a bag or a backpack while riding a motorcycle.

Louis is also offering the Moto-Detail top case with a few optional accessories such as a backrest for those who frequently ride with a pillion. Additionally, a luggage rack can also be included as an optional add-on to this versatile top case. If you’ve been looking for a top case for your long distance adventures or your daily commute, there’s no denying that the Louis Moto-Detail is an outstanding deal. For more information on this product as well as other products from this brand, be sure to visit the Louis official website linked below.

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