When we last heard from Ukrainian e-bike maker Delfast in March, 2021, they were busy constructing a new $3.4 million dollar research and development facility in Kyiv. Not only would this facility enable R&D, but it would also be a manufacturing hub located right at home, and not outsourced elsewhere. It was a major step forward for the young e-bike company. 

Just a few months later, in August, 2021, Delfast is taking on another major challenge. The 2021 Bonneville Speed Week is currently underway, having started on August 7 and running through August 13. Delfast isn’t competing with one of its e-bikes, though. The company now owns the rights to the historic Dnepr marque, and it’s brought the first-ever prototpye of a Delfast-Dnepr electric motorcycle along in hopes of setting a new speed record. 

The bike in question was specifically manufactured for the event, with Delfast engaging in partnership with the keen minds behind Dnepr. A Dnepr Electric motorbike previously participated in Bonneville Speed Week 2018, where its best time was 104.78 miles per hour.  

Gallery: Delfast-Dnepr Electric Bike

As any good team does, Delfast-Dnepr took what it learned from that 2018 event, and improved upon it for the 2021 version. More power and greater range were the goals, and while the company hasn’t provided details, it believes it has achieved both. 
Ukrainian racer and Delfast-Dnepr electric motorcycle architect Serhiy Malik is the primary driving force behind the effort. He’s no stranger to record attempts, having set a Ukrainian national speed record of 201 kmh aboard the all-electric Spirit of Ukraine motorbike in September, 2020. 


Malik is also experienced at Bonneville, though this will be his first time bringing the improved Delfast-Dnepr electric motorcycle to the starting line. Here’s hoping the weather is favorable and the team is able to compete at the highest level it can in 2021. 

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