It’s an inconvenient truth that we motorcyclists are well aware of. The likelihood of injury, or even death, from a seemingly minor accident is so much greater than that of our four-wheeled counterparts. It’s no surprise that non-motorcyclists call our beloved machines rolling death traps. This is largely why riding a motorcycle requires so much more focus and skill than driving a car.

Israeli startup, Ride Vision, has been working on a solution since 2018, and has only recently made its way to actual two-wheelers. The company has created a very simple gadget which serves as a heads up display alerting you of an impending collision either ahead of or behind you. It makes use of sensors attached to the front and rear of your motorcycle, and incorporates bright LED lights which flash when an object is within close proximity—similar to the built-in proximity sensors found in modern-day cars. Flashing red LED lights indicate a vehicle or obstacle approaching ahead, while orange lights mean something is coming up behind you.

Ride Vision

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why waste time and money on this gadget, when you can just stay focused while riding? Well, the fact of the matter is that not everyone around you is going to be as careful as you are. With the number of distractions—particularly for car drivers—growing as fast as technology itself, having additional safety nets centered towards motorcyclists is definitely a huge bonus.

Ride Vision’s innovation has a particularly useful advantage in the congested urban setting we find in many European, South American, and Asian countries. With traffic consisting of cars, pedestrians, and fellow motorcyclists sometimes reaching a fever pitch, it can be easy for inexperienced motorcyclists to become overwhelmed. At present, Ride Vision is available in Israel and Italy. The company has begun partnering with several OEM suppliers such as Continental to have the device fitted as-standard on new motorcycles. The company is also working on forming more strategic partnerships to bring Ride Vision to more countries around the world.

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