Italian motorcycle manufacturer Fantic has primarily focused on transitioning to electric and its Caballero line in the past few months. However, the brand’s Enduro World Championship experience drives the development of its XE two-stroke model and XEF four-stroke range.

Unveiled at EICMA 2019, the XE 125 is Fantic’s lone two-stroke enduro. Its semi-double-cradle aluminum frame houses a liquid-cooled, 125cc single fed by a Mikuni carb. The 7.7-8.4:1 compression ratio suits the trail and the Arrow-developed exhaust system helps the rider predictably lay down the power throughout the rev range.

A fully adjustable, 48 mm KYB fork yields 300 mm (11.8 inches) of travel up front while the fully adjustable KYB monoshock delivers 315 mm (12.4 inches) of travel in the rear. Nissin calipers clamp a single 270 mm disc fore and a 245 mm rotor aft. At €9,040 ($10,691), the XE 125 commands a bit more dough than its rivals, but it’s a that certainly stands out.

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On the four-stroke side, the XEF 250 and XEF 450 share many of the same components. With the exception of the engine and transmission, the two models are practically identical. Both four-valve, DOHC mills feature liquid cooling and Euro 5 compliance, but the 250cc single mates to a five-speed gearbox while the 450cc earns an extra gear. The quarter-liter option boasts a 13.8:1 compression ratio, however, while Fantic drops compression to 13.0:1 on the flagship model.

Both classes build upon the same aluminum perimeter chassis and fully adjustable KYB suspenders. Similar to the XE 125, the XEF 250 and XEF 450 also report 300 mm (11.8 inches) of travel in the front but bump travel to 317 mm (12.5 inches) out back. Lastly, Fantic’s ties with Yamaha are strong, and similar to Team Blue’s off-road range, users can change the XEF 450’s engine characteristics with the brand’s WiGET App.

The XEF 250 will carry a €10,090 ($11,924 USD) price tag while the XEF retails for €11,240 ($13,280). Both four-stroke machines should hit Fantic dealers by September, 2021.

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