Vespa’s reputation and iconic design language is so strong that people who otherwise couldn’t possibly care less about two-wheeled anything know exactly what you’re talking about when you mention the name. All you have to do is see or hear it, and your brain immediately draws an image that looks like that very particular classic scooter shape. Small details may have changed over time, but that classic silhouette simply cannot be denied.  

Unsurprisingly, Vespa loves to put out special, limited-edition variants on its classic theme. Just as unsurprisingly, many fans seem to love this about them, because it’s just part of their charm. Thus, Vespa Switzerland put out the Vespa GTS Super Swiss Edition. Limited to a run of just 300 scooters, the GTS Super Swiss is only available through authorized Vespa dealers throughout the country. 

Which GTS is it? You’ll be happy to know that the Super Swiss Edition is available in both 125cc and 300cc formats. As is normal for most (if not all) of the special limited editions, the changes are purely aesthetic and non-performance-oriented in nature. GTS Super doesn’t normally come in the colorway known as Grigio Materia, which is exclusive to the GTS Super Swiss Edition. You also get a specially numbered aluminum plaque, detailing your digit from 1 to 300.  

Underneath all that glossy gray bodywork thrums your choice of either a 14 horsepower 125cc single-cylinder engine, or a 23.8 horsepower 300cc single. As with the regular GTS Super scoots, you get 12-inch tires, ABS, LED lights all around, a USB port to charge your phone while you’re out riding. It also comes with a bike finder that works via remote control instead of an app.  

What do these limited editions cost? The GTS Super Swiss Edition 125 will run you 5,745 Swiss francs, which comes out to about $6,275. Meanwhile, the GTS Super Swiss Edition 300 costs 6,545 Swiss francs, which is about $7,152. If you’re in Switzerland and you’re interested in obtaining one for yourself, talk to your local Vespa dealer to find out all the pertinent details. 

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