Established in 1970, motorcycle exhaust manufacturer MIVV has been a fixture at the racetrack. With two Moto3 titles, three Moto2 championships, and one MotoGP crown to its credit, the Abruzzo-based exhaust specialists know a thing or two about performance. They bring that knowledge and technology to customers with a diverse array of aftermarket exhaust options.

Launched in October, 2020, the Aprilia RS 660 is no stranger to the raceway either. Packing 100 ponies and an agile chassis, the House of Noale’s new middleweight sportbike is a bonafide track weapon. However, the relaxed ergonomics and comfort-oriented aerodynamics make the RS 660 a treat to ride on the road as well. With its dual-personality, RS owners can take to the street and the circuit. Now, MIVV offers an assortment of exhausts to suit both environments.

Gallery: MIVV Aprilia RS 660 Exhaust Systems

MIVV’s two complete race systems for the RS 660 leverage the brand’s EVO headers. However, the Delta Race silencer boasts a carbon fiber construction while the X-M1 favors titanium. Both require remapping the ECU and won’t pass emissions regulations in certain regions as a result. The Delta Race trim shaves off five pounds and adds 3.4 horsepower and 3.1 lb-ft of torque. While the X-M1 reduces weight by seven pounds, it returns slightly less power gains with 2.9 extra ponies and 2.9 more lb-ft (over stock).

For the road, the Delta Carbon Race Alto lops off 12.8 pounds while squeezing out 2.9 more horsepower and increasing the Aprilia's torque by 3.1 lb-ft. The Delta Race Standard Carbon and the Delta Race Inox Black Standard variants favor torque gains with 2.4 more lb-ft, but sacrifice horsepower with just a .8 gain.

The MK3 High Carbon returns even less power with .5 extra ponies and 1.1 lb-ft of extra torque. The X-M1 High Titanium rounds out MIVV’s offerings with a 1.8 horsepower gain and 2.9 lb-ft of torque. Of course, road-focused exhausts will require MIVV’s Catalyst to maintain the RS 660’s Euro 5 noise and compliance.


  • Delta Race Carbon: €1,281 ($1,516 USD)
  • XM-1 Titanium: €1,159 ($1,372 USD)
  • Delta Race Carbon Alto: €1,281 ($1,516 USD)
  • Delta Race Standard Carbon: €1,281 ($1,516 USD)
  • Delta Race Inox Black: €1,098 ($1,299 USD)
  • MK3 Carbon: €1,037 ($1,227 USD)
  • X-M1 Titanium: €1,159 ($1,372 USD)
  • MIVV Catalyst: €181 ($214 USD)
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