Are you excited about the Triumph Trident 660? It’s certainly nice to look at, and it also presents a fantastic starting point for modification once you start thinking about little tweaks you’d like to make. While it certainly doesn’t sound bad from the factory, one thing most bike owners always want from their machines is weight reduction and more power—and, of course, for their bike to look and sound good, too. 

If you think your Trident 660 can use both those things, then Italian exhaust specialist Zard may tick all those boxes and then some with its newest creation. In July, 2021, Zard introduced a full exhaust system kit developed especially for the Triumph Trident 660. It’s a three-into-one stainless steel system with a removable decibel killer, and you can get a Euro 5 homologated version to simplify your life. Best of all, installation requires no ECU modifications whatsoever for it to run properly. That’s a bonus in and of itself! 

According to Zard’s dyno testing, installation of this kit offers a small power boost. In the company’s testing, the stock unit made 76.8 horsepower at 9,791 RPM, as well as 6.5 kilogram meters (which is equivalent to 63.74 newton meters, or about 47 pound-feet) of torque at 6,069 rpm. Swapping the stock unit for the Zard creation resulted in a reading of 82.7 horsepower at 9,730 rpm, and 6.7 kg-m (or 65.7 Nm, or 48.46 lb-ft) of torque at 7,277 rpm.  

Gallery: Zard Triumph Trident 660 Full Exhaust

How much weight does the Zard exhaust drop from the Trident 660? The stock unit weighs in at 8.1 kilograms, or around 17.85 pounds. By contrast, the Zard full system brings that weight down to just 3.6 kilograms, or 7.93 pounds. Cutting your exhaust weight nearly in half seems like a number to be proud of. 

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the unit is quite beautiful to look at, as well. We’ve cued up the video so you can hear what the exhaust sounds like when installed. However, if you back it up to the beginning (be aware that it’s in Italian, and while you can turn on subtitles, they’re auto-generated and may not be accurate), you can also get a good look at the exhaust off the bike. Its construction and welds are very aesthetically pleasing, even if you probably won’t spend a lot of time looking that closely at them once you’ve installed it.  

Available options include the aforementioned Euro 5 homologation, black treatment, and/or a titanium silencer case. Pricing starts at 884.51 Euros, or about $1,045. Zard offers shipping to most countries in the world, at varying rates—so check the table to see what shipping would be to your region if you’re interested.

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