German custom shop Hookie Co. has clearly been very busy in 2021. Its designers are frequently inspired by the intersection of the natural world and all of humanity’s chosen urban environments. In January, 2021, it released the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Scorpion kit. In March, 2021, it released the Cobra bolt-on kit for the BMW R nineT.  The only venom to be found was likely the venomous looks of envy Hookie hoped to inspire from passersby as they glimpsed your bike. 

Fast-forward to June, 2021. This time, Hookie drew inspiration from the humble ant. Now, you may already know that ants are enormously strong, and that their body mechanics are pretty interesting. What you may not know, however, is that they can apparently lift up to 5,000 times their own body weight according to the Entomological Society of America.  

We’re not certain that Hookie’s new ANT Moto Kit for the Cake Ösa can carry quite that much. However, it’s most definitely built to help you manage your everyday carry—and of course, look good doing it. Function and form working in seamless harmony—much like a colony of ants, who might be the best team players of all. 

Gallery: Cake Osa ANT Moto Kit by Hookie Co.

As with all of Hookie’s previous kits, the entire point of the ANT Moto Kit is for it to be easily bolted on by anyone who buys it. Unlike many others, though, the design on the 3mm aluminum main body panel can be anything you choose. Hookie says you can leave a note at checkout, or else contact them after you place your order to discuss custom color options.  

The kit comes complete with the following elements, all handmade in Germany: 

  • LED Koso headlight with ANT-specific bracket 
  • ANT body (with custom color choice available) 
  • ANT bodyshell brackets (3) 
  • Battery basket 
  • Rucksack hook (can handle one or two bags; your choice) 
  • Vegan Alcantara saddle 
  • 1 pair of FROZEN grips 
  • RAPID indicators 
  • LED taillight unit 
  • ANT footpeg plate 
  • Hookie decal set 

The rucksack hook lets you carry one, two, or zero bags on your bike. There’s an additional basket that sits on top of the Ösa’s battery, for added storage space. A handy rubber band holds items securely in place in the basket if you choose to use it. It’s exceedingly simple, uncomplicated storage for your thoroughly modern electric runabout. The new saddle lowers the seat height to 800mm, or just under 31.5 inches. 

The cost for this kit is €2,400 including VAT, or about $2,928, so your cost will vary if you’re not in a VAT country. It’s unclear what shipping costs might be, as well. If you’re interested, your best bet is to contact Hookie Co. with any questions you might have. 

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