If there's one electric two-wheeler manufacturer that seems to have been making waves in both the fun and sustainable aspect as of late, it's none other than Swedish brand, CAKE. Boasting quite an impressive fleet of electric two-wheelers, the company prides itself with cutting-edge, technologically advanced, and minimalist vehicles that are both fun and sustainable. 

For the longest time, we've been hoping for CAKE to finally set foot into U.S. soil. At long last, this may finally be a reality thanks to the folks at West Coast EV. Based in McFarland, California, West Coast EV and CAKE have struck a partnership as the first ever retailer of CAKE products in American soil. West Coast EV seeks to prove itself as the country's premier electric powersports supercenter. The company's mission is in fact, in line with California's mandate towards zero-emission transportation by 2030. 

CAKE Kalk Electric Enduro

On the other hand, CAKE's machines will undoubtedly have a place in the U.S. market—not just for those looking to have a great time off-road, but also for those looking for practical, utilitarian alternatives for daily transport. Bikes like the CAKE Ösa have proven themselves as solid options when it comes to sustainable mobility, having won numerous awards, with the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award as the newest feather on its cap. The CAKE Kalk OR and Kalk INK both present themselves as capable off-roaders equipped with a punchy electric motor and long-travel suspension, with the INK in particular, being a street-legal option. 

The Swedish company also advocates numerous initiatives geared towards the preservation of the environment such as its 'Explore with Respect' campaign, on which its off-road range of products has been built upon. This fits in nicely with West Coast EV's plans of offering an 'Eco-Tour' as part of its program to get more people on electric two-wheelers. The program is currently being designed to showcase the beauty of the nearby Sequoia National Forest, as well as surrounding lakes and parks in the area.  

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