It wasn't until the launch of the Honda X-ADV that scooters could confidently venture beyond the confines of paved roads. With more and more motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a solid compromise between the comfort and ease-of-use of a scooter, and the go anywhere capability of an adventure bike, the birth of the ADV scooter segment was inevitable. 

With a small number of adventure scooters currently in the market such as the BMW C 400 X, and the smaller Honda ADV 150, there's still a considerable amount of room for new entrants to bring something fresh and exciting to the table. We've talked about (and even made fun of) Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Dayang's Honda ADV 150 rip-off which goes by the same name and styling a couple of weeks ago. Now, if that scooter came across as an ADV 150 copycat, which I honestly believe it was, then Dayang's latest offering may just be its redeeming factor. 

Chinese Motorcycle Maker Dayang Launches ADV 350 Adventure Scooter

Dubbed the Dayang ADV 350, this adventure scooter is clearly a cut above the ADV 150 both in terms of styling, performance, and features. This bigger, more capable maxi-scooter boasts a more unique design characterized by sharp, angular bodywork, and long travel suspension. It bears proportions similar to that of larger maxi-scooters, as well, with a massive two-up seat with a spacious step-up pillion saddle. It gets thick, dual-purpose tires, as well, which complement the scoot's go-anywhere personality. 

The Dayang ADV 350 is powered by a 333cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled motor which pumps out a decent 30 horsepower at 7,000 rpm. While this level of performance is rather commonplace with maxi-scooters of this size, the ADV 350's extensive list of features is a cut above the rest—provided that it can stand the test of time, that is. It gets an impressive all-LED lighting system with integrated cornering lights. A seven-inch full-color TFT instrument panel displays an abundance of information, including live feeds from the scooters built-in front and rear cameras which are a nifty feature for aspiring vloggers and Instagram influencers. 

The list goes on with built-in Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, GPS navigation, Over The Air (OTA) software updates, geo-fencing, diagnostics, and even detailed ride history. Lastly, the ADV 350 gets keyless ignition, a convenient USB charging port, and even a cigarette lighter as standard. It promises extended range thanks to its impressive 17.4-liter fuel tank—big, even for full-size motorcycle standards. Now, as expected, all these features come at the expense of added weight. The Dayang ADV 350 tips the scales at a whopping 208 kg—more than 10 kg heavier than the Honda CB500X adventure bike. 

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