Scooters have gone a long way from their humble beginnings. From barebones machines bereft of any creature comforts and features other than being capable of ferrying you around town, scooters of today come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and are far more capable than we could have ever dreamed of. The best part is that, beneath all the tech and features, the very essence of the scooter remains—easy to use, practical, and comfortable.

In recent years, we’ve seen another sub-segment of scooters gain popularity, particularly in Asia. Equipped with dual-sport tires and long-travel suspension, adventure scooters are becoming more and more common, with multiple manufacturers offering their own iterations of these capable two-wheelers. Yamaha has its own ADV scooter in the form of the BWS 125, which offers a dash of ruggedness as far as styling goes. Honda also has its own adventurer, the ADV150, which has seen massive success, and has actually made it to the U.S. market. Other popular scooter manufacturers such as BMW and Kymco have also tried their hand in the world of adventure scoots.

The Aveta Dayang ADV 150 Wants To Challenge The Honda ADV150

In Malaysia, popular local motorbike company, Aveta, has launched its own adventure scooter called the Dayang ADV 150. Now, it’s interesting to note that along with its name, it bears an incredibly uncanny resemblance to the Honda ADV150. Its side profile, and even its fascia almost looks like this bike is a straight up photocopy of Honda’s entry-level adventure scooter. All this being said, it’ll probably come as a surprise to nobody that the Dayang ADV 150 indeed finds its origins in China, and has subsequently been rebadged and rebranded under the Aveta brand.

Since we’ve practically become numb to Chinese lookalikes of globally popular motorbikes, let’s set the Dayang ADV 150’s styling aside, and look at what this scooter has to offer to the Malaysian market. The Aveta Dayang ADV 150 is manufactured by Chongqing Rato Power Manufacturing in China, and is equipped with a 150cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. Rated at 13 horsepower, this adventure scooter pumps out performance figures which are within the ballpark of that of the Honda ADV 150.

Features are rather plentiful, with a full suite of LED lights adorning the bike on both ends. It gets a fancy seven-inch full-color TFT display which is capable of displaying loads of features, including GPS navigation. It even gets backlit controls, a USB charging port, and a built-in tire pressure monitoring system. All these features are expected to come at a price tag of south of RM 10,000, or the equivalent of $2,400 USD—drastically undercutting the price of its main competitor, the Honda ADV 150.

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