In April, 2021, we first introduced you to the Hamyak ATV. If you’re unfamiliar with the vehicle we nicknamed “Mototanko,” you should probably go get acquainted, especially since there’s video of it running with a full-sized adult rider on board. Thing is, that particular monotracked motorcycle isn’t quite as unique an idea as you may think at first.  

Now, this bizarre KSM Innovations Prototype ATV isn’t exactly the same thing. If anything, the Hamyak is a much more streamlined, practical, modern version of an idea that apparently dates back to at least the late 1980s. Was the KSM an influence on the Hamyak, or did the Hamyak’s inventor even know such a thing had existed prior to building his own dream machine out of spare snowmobile and scooter parts?  

We’ll never know for sure, but here’s what we can tell you about this KSM prototype. The company was based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where it filed a patent application for this vehicle with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on February 3, 1989. It’s unclear if this KSM is in any way related to another company by the same name, also based in Alberta, that specializes in oil rig equipment and ships worldwide in 2021. Given how many motorcycle OEMs have also functioned in other industries, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise either way.  

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In any case, the patent calls this prototype an “all-terrain off-road vehicle,” which is perhaps the broadest possible way to classify such a thing. However, the KSM prototype differs from most other ATVs in that it truly sought to put the “all” in “all-terrain vehicle.” That’s right, friends. KSM wanted this bad boy to also be amphibious. Is that why it looks like a landlubbing lobster? Must be, right?  

As the story goes, only this single prototype was ever built. It’s powered by a sturdy Honda ATC 125M engine. It still runs, as you can see very briefly in the video clip—although the seller says that it needs a new battery. It’s unclear if any service has ever been performed on this vehicle, nor how many miles it might have. There’s no instrumentation to speak of, so us telling you that total mileage is unknown is probably pretty obvious.


The gigantic rubber track and the KSM’s accompanying flippers probably mean you’ll have some fun times in the snow. We can’t speak to whether its amphibious capabilities live up to the high expectations KSM had for it, but it’s the only one of its kind in the world. It’s currently up for sale on Iconic Motorbikes Auctions, with bidding up to $1,000 on May 26, 2021. The auction ends on June 1, 2021, so you have a few days to find room for this thing.  

What would have happened if KSM had been able to successfully bring this prototype to market? We’re hoping they would have leaned into its unique and eye-catching design, and perhaps called it the KSM Langoustine. At any rate, you definitely don’t have to worry about anyone else showing up to your next bike show with one of these. 

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