When it comes to excellent platforms for custom builds, few motorcycles of the present era are as dynamic and easy to work with as those from Royal Enfield. Custom Enfields come in all shapes and sizes, and varying degrees of customization. With thousands of options available in the aftermarket, not to mention the countless talented craftsmen in the field of custom builds, the sky's the limit when it comes to customizing your machine. 

What we have here today isn't an actual custom build per se, however, the custom shop responsible for this rendering, Renovatio Motorworks, is hopeful that it can be built as a made-to-order setup for any RE Continental GT 650 owner looking to give their bike a ground-up makeover. It's called the 'Old Lady', and it truly hearkens back to the styling of machines from the 1950s, infused with performance-oriented touches of the modern day. At a glance, it's clear to see that this concept will entail tons of modifications, and will likely take a good amount of time and money to execute. However, if the finished product is as good as the concept looks, I'm certain it'll be worth it. 

This Concept Bobber Is Based On A Royal Enfield Continental GT

Everything apart from the frame and engine of the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 will have to be remodelled in order to conjure up the Old Lady. A closer look reveals quite a slew of design enhancements derived from the days of old. For instance, the bike's front end consists of a girder fork with a single, centrally mounted shock absorber. The setup integrates a mounting point for a low-slung, circular headlight. The rear end also sees some hefty modifications with the entire tail section of the bike requiring a redesign. The rear shock mounts have been repositioned under the single-saddle, resulting in a drastically lowered ride height. 

Some modern touches include the wide wheel setup which features gold painted rims wrapped in 160 cross-section Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 tires on both ends. A set of bar-end mirrors with integrated LED turn signals completes the streamlined cockpit, as well. As far as performance is concerned, I don't think Renovatio Motorworks' concept will include any major tweaks to the bike's already capable mill. The rendering, however, does show a completely redesigned exhaust system, which not only gives the bike an even more bespoke look, but will surely give the 270-crank parallel-twin motor an even more aggressive soundtrack.

This Concept Bobber Is Based On A Royal Enfield Continental GT

Given the extent of modifications this custom concept entails, it'll be very interesting to see just how this build will actually be executed. Given all the advanced manufacturing techniques of today, such as 3D printing, CNC machining, and other sophisticated methods of churning out bespoke pieces, it would definitely be amazing to see modern-day tech used in creating age-old, rolling pieces of art.

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