Out of all the motorcycles in Royal Enfield's stable, no other machine provides as much versatility and capability as the Himalayan. When I first saw the Himalayan several years ago, I honestly wasn't sure what to make of it. It came across to me as one of the most un-Royal Enfield bikes the company had ever produced. However, after spending some time with it and running it through its paces, it became clear to me what this bike was all about. 

The Royal Enfield Himalayan seems to sit in a class of its own in the entry-level adventure segment. Not pressured by the performance-oriented bikes, the Himalayan gives off a very laid-back, go-with-the-flow aura—something that gives the bike a very pure character, despite its otherwise lackluster performance figures. Just like all other bikes in Enfield's stable, the Himalayan serves as the perfect blank canvass for you to express your personality. This is exactly what Australia-based custom builder, Tommy Thöring, felt about his 2020 RE Himalayan. 

This Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan Is A Classic Enduro Dream

At a glance, it's hard to tell that this custom build, which Tommy has dubbed simply as #38, started life as an RE Himalayan. Now donning a more svelte, athletic appearance, #38 has shed a lot of weight in the form of bodywork and luggage racks, revealing a more slender silhouette. Tommy Thöring, who originally hails from Germany, builds bikes under the Schlachtwerks name, and moved to to enjoy riding all year round, thanks to the country's climate and beautiful landscape. He found the Himalayan's simple nature and remarkable versatility extremely charming, even if it only pumped out just 24 ponies out of its 411cc single-cylinder motor. 

This Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan Is A Classic Enduro Dream

The design inspiration for #38 comes from the enduro bikes of the 80s, with their rugged, beefy, go-anywhere styling. In order to transform the Himalayan into this lightweight classic enduro, Tommy undertook the challenging process of sourcing parts amid the global pandemic. After a lot of searching, patience, and elbow grease, there's no denying that the finished product is nothing short of stellar. 

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