How would you like your daily commuter machine to be capable of returning fuel efficiency figures of up to 58 kilometers per liter, or a staggering 136 miles per gallon? What if I told you a scooter like this could be had for just $1,000 USD? Pretty awesome, right? Unfortunately for our readers in the U.S., this scooter isn’t likely to be sold over there, as it just isn’t practical given the region’s sprawling roads and vast freeways.

In developing Asian countries with congested urban streets and tightly knit communities, however, this would be a total godsend. Well, this is exactly what Honda has done with its latest scooter, the Dio. Initially launched in the Philippines, the Honda Dio adds to the Japanese manufacturer’s impressive fleet of economical, affordable scooters in the Southeast Asian region.

The Honda Dio Is An Ultra-Economical Commuter

Priced at just PHP 49,900, or just a smidge over the $1,000 USD mark, the Honda Dio is one of the most affordable machines in Big Red’s stable. It gets a tiny 109cc single-cylinder engine devoid of any fancy tech. That said, it relies on ambient air keep the temps at bay, and is fed by a rudimentary carburetor—something we don’t really see on new bikes nowadays. But hey, Honda had to take some measures to ensure this scooter could be priced extremely affordably.

At least Honda has fitted the Dio with an electric starter. It does, however, get a kick-starter as well, should you for some reason find yourself with a dead battery. As for the scoot’s underpinnings, it gets the most budget-friendly package imaginable. Braking consists of drum brakes front and rear, and the scooter is suspended on basic suspension which consists of telescopic forks up front and dual shocks out back.

Perhaps the best feature the Dio has on offer would be its claimed 58 kilometer per liter, or 136 mile per gallon efficiency figures—something that’ll surely be appreciated by the budget-conscious commuter.

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