Benda first introduced us to its upcoming LFC700 power cruiser in a July, 2020, patent. The brand followed it up with the LF-01 concept in September, 2020, and recently unveiled the LFC700 production model at the 17th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition.

Slated for July, 2021, the muscle cruiser will roll out one year after the patents were published, but information on the LFC700 just keeps trickling in. Most recently, we learned that the Benda will equip the new motorcycle with a 680cc, engine capable of 97 horsepower at 12,000 rpm. The LFC700 matches that performance with a TFT dash, slipper clutch, and hill-hold assist.

To round out the package, Benda unveiled that the frame and swingarm boast cast aluminum construction, helping the cruiser weigh in at just 474 pounds. Pair that with the 27.4-inch seat height and the LFC700 suits a wide range of riders. The cruiser’s wheel configuration maybe a little less approachable, on the other hand.


The 19-inch front wheel wears a conventional 130/70 tire but a massive 310/35 tire envelops the 18-inch rear. Benda hasn’t released torque figures to justify that large rear tire just yet, but the brand will limit the top speed to 112 mph. To stop Benda’s beast, twin radial-mounted calipers will clamp down on dual discs at the front. The USD fork should also add some agility to the LFC700.


Premium design elements from the concept remain, with the turbine-inspired LED headlight and underslung exhaust dressing the new cruiser up smartly. However, the model’s wide handlebars and six-speed gearbox speak to the functionality of the LFC700. For now, Benda expects to launch its muscle cruiser in markets by July, 2021.

The brand hasn’t confirmed whether the LFC700 will make it to Europe or North America, but if Benda’s BD300 is any indication, it won’t be long before the Chinese manufacturer starts exporting its latest cruiser.

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