It's a known fact that Royal Enfield's bikes are among the favorite of custom motorcycle builders from all over the world. Boasting timeless styling and barebones construction, Royal Enfields are oftentimes blank canvases for artists to express themselves with. We've seen hundreds of custom Royal Enfields, however, this time around, a custom creation from Bulleteer Customs caught my eye, and I can't stop looking at it. 

This custom bobber dubbed the Firebolt 650 started life as a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. One of the most popular bikes in RE's stable, the Interceptor 650 is perhaps the most neutral standard motorcycle in Enfield's lineup. Thanks to this, the sky's the limit when it comes to customizing it. Now, Bulleteer Customs has taken inspiration from the Harry Potter franchise in designing this bike, with its name, Firebolt, derived from the broom Harry is bestowed in the third novel. Now, while I'm no Harry Potter fan, I can certainly appreciate all the fine craftsmanship that has gone into this bike.

This Royal Enfield Interceptor Has Been Transformed Into A Gorgeous Bobber

For starters, it's clear to see that this bike has been stretched quite a bit. That meant having to put the bike's rear end under the knife and extend the swingarm in order to achieve that classic bobber aesthetic. The bike features a very relaxed boneline, which swoops downward from the front of the bike. Bulleteer Customs states that this extended wheelbase is the first of its kind in any custom build of the Interceptor 650. To keep things stylish yet practical, a custom tool compartment has been crafted to fit neatly beneath the seat.

Going into the finer details, Bulleteer Customs has fitted a round LED headlight and tail light, giving the bike a solid neo-retro aesthetic. Eagle-eyed viewers will likely notice the unconventional gauge cluster setup. Instead of mounting the instrument cluster atop the handlebars, the builders relocated it to the side of the fuel tank, in order to keep the bike's front end very clean and streamlined. 

This Royal Enfield Interceptor Has Been Transformed Into A Gorgeous Bobber

Lastly, to make the whole build pop, the bike was finished in a deep red paint job, with subtle graphics hinting towards its wizarding inspirations. Bulleteer Customs states that the bike, apart from looking absolutely stunning, rides incredibly well, and is very confidence inspiring thanks to the lowered seat height and relaxed riding position.

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