Back in February, 2021, Chinese electric mobility giant Yadea announced that it was bringing several of its products to Europe. It turns out that was only the start of its worldwide rollout, though. On April 16, 2021, Yadea Technology Group Company formally announced that it plans to bring its electric personal mobility options pretty much everywhere on Earth.  

In a global presentation held on YouTube, the company announced that the previously introduced European scooters were just one piece of the three-pronged electric mobility plan it has in mind. Electric kick scooters with folding handles and 10-inch wheels are another piece, as are a range of electric bicycles to meet the needs of different riders. All three segments are mainly aimed at urban commuters and leisure-seekers, with a brand-wide tagline of “electrify your life.”  

"Two-wheeled electric vehicles are one of the main development trends driving the modern transportation system. They offer outstanding advantages when it comes to energy efficiency and environmental conservation, and the pandemic has only accelerated the popularity of green, low-carbon travel solutions,” Yadea vice general manager Heidi Zang said in a statement. 

“As the world's leading two-wheeled electric vehicles brand, Yadea has perfected the core technologies in our two-wheel electric vehicles to meet or surpass international safety and quality standards. Our latest product range introduces the world to a leading solution to 'electrify your life,' and will lead the industry into a new 'Era of Green,'" she elaborated.  

When the company started, general public perception wasn’t as receptive toward EVs, but a lot has changed in the intervening years. With each passing month, technologies continue to advance, and they’re closer now than ever to alleviating some of the major hurdles that prevent many people from hopping on the EV train. 

Yadea’s announcement does not mention timelines or other details of the company’s planned global rollout. Rather, it seems to simply be an announcement of “we’re here, and we’re coming for your carbon emissions” from the EV manufacturer. Since the company’s been hard at work on developing its electric technologies for over 20 years, we look forward to seeing how they perform as they start to reach new markets.  

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