These days, electric scooters and low-powered electric motorcycles are a dime a dozen in multiple countries. Outside of the U.S., these lightweight, practical, and most of the time affordable runabouts offer the perfect solution for traversing congested city streets and busy business districts.

Perhaps the reason why the lightweight EV market has yet to catch on in the U.S. is due to the sprawling nature of the freeways, and wide suburban streets. With battery range, for the most part, falling south of 100 miles, it just isn’t enough to keep up with the distance many U.S. residents would cover on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the advancement of battery technology is sure to usher in machines capable of covering longer distances. But for now, the king of the electric two-wheeler world continues to be the lightweight electric scooter.

RedMoto XEV Expected To Launch Electric Motorcycle Lineup Soon

That said, Indian mobility startup RedMoto XEV is expected to launch three new motorcycles in the Indian market. These lightweight runabouts boast an impressive battery range of around 60 kilometers, as well as an extremely affordable price tag. Taking a closer look, the company has unveiled the R3X and R1X scooters. Now, both these scooters come with very similar specs and tech features. It’d just be a matter of what your preferences in terms of style are. On the one hand, we have the R3X, which boasts rather modern styling. On the other hand, the R1X looks more like a retro-style scooter, clearly having borrowed quite a few styling cues from Vespa.

For those looking for a more conventional machine, RedMoto XEV will also roll out the R5X motorcycle which looks like your standard, run-of-the-mill commuter. Complete with a faux fuel tank, tall windscreen and two-up saddle, this bike would make for a practical companion for day-to-day urban duties. While RedMoto XEV has yet to release official pricing structures for these two-wheelers, our friends from Indian automotive publication, RushLane, report that these entry-level machines could come with a price tag ranging from Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 72,000, or the ballpark of just $900 USD.

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