Indian electric motorcycle startup, Kabira Mobility, has recently launched a range of electric motorcycles geared towards city dwellers looking for affordable and practical means of personal mobility. Shortly thereafter, the company has launched yet another offering in the fast-emerging electric scooter industry. This time, however, it's a B2B solution perfect for last-mile delivery services and couriers. 

The Kabira Hermes 75 is the company's first high-speed commercial delivery electric scooter. While this scooter's name may sound like a fancy handbag, it provides quite a bit more functionality, at a fraction of the price of the aforementioned fashion icon. Kidding aside, the Hermes 75 does come with loads of practical features, most prominent of which is the large storage compartment located at the rear of the scooter.

On top of this, Kabira will offer the Hermes 75 in either fixed or swappable battery options. The more affordable fixed battery option has a claimed range of 100 kilometers on a single charge. On the other hand, the swappable battery option gives the rider an ample 120 kilometer range on a full charge. A 60V 50Ah lithium-ion battery powers the electric motor. This compact battery can be fully charged in just four hours. The Kabira Hermes 75 generates a maximum power of 4,000W, which translates to around 5.6 horsepower. Similar to that of a gasoline-powered moped, the Kabira Hermes 75 gets a top speed limited to 80 kilometers per hour. 

Check Out The Ultra-Practical Kabira Hermes 75 Electric Scooter

Other features include 12-inch wheels front and rear, as well as front and rear disc brakes complete with Dual Disc Synchronized Braking System (DDSBS), as well as a mobile application for Bluetooth smartphone pairing via the scooters fully digital instrument cluster. 

Mr. Jaibir Singh Siwach, the CEO of Kabira Mobility expressed in a statement reported by HT Auto, "Kabira Mobility is in sync with the Government of India’s vision of providing green mobility to all. With the launch of Hermes 75, we intend to reach out to the last mile delivery partners and provide them eco-friendly mobility solutions. Low operational and maintenance cost will make it a right choice for the riders and partners as well."

Expect to see the new Kabira Hermes 75 electric scooter make its way into showrooms starting June of this year. The scooter is expected to come with an affordable price tag of just Rs. 89,600, or the equivalent of $1,190 USD. 

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