One big barrier to electric motorcycle ownership is price. Whether it's Energica, Harley-Davidson, or Zero, most electric models on the market are far more expensive than their traditional, petrol-powered cousins. To circumvent that price barrier, YouTuber The Inja ordered a Chinese electric motorcycle for $1,500. After completing a full custom build, it was time for the creator to move onto the next project.

While the Chinese electric motorcycle presented an economical alternative, The Inja knew that most viewers wouldn’t have the patience to endure the long international production and shipping delays. Armed with the knowledge from his first build, the YouTuber started an electric café racer project in June, 2020. The new series not only addressed the long wait periods experienced with the Chinese bike but also allowed him to build an electric motorcycle from scratch.

Of course, half the battle is starting, and The Inja needed a suitable donor bike for his electric café racer. Luckily, the creator’s old classmate recently abandoned his own 1971 and was willing to sell the disassembled bike. Normally, we wouldn’t encourage basket case purchases (Well, you might not... ed.), but with The Inja converting the CB750 an electric powertrain, it was the perfect match. If he didn’t have enough parts and fitment limitations as it was, the YouTuber also imposed a $4,000 budget on the project. On top of the $500 donor bike, the CB750 will surely be an affordable electric.

With the series now on its 15th episode, The Inja is already testing the build on public roads. From modifying the frame to installing the drive train, from increasing battery capacity to installing a super-capacitor, the series covers all the trials and triumphs the creator has encountered along the way. Yes, it may be hard work but building your own electric motorcycle certainly tears down one of the biggest barriers to electric motorcycle ownership.

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