Is this the most beautiful single-cylinder sportbike ever?

When you hear the name MV Agusta, what motorcycle comes to mind? In my case, it's none other than the F3 sportbike. Having ridden both the 675 and 800 variants of this drop-dead-gorgeous sportbike, I must say that there's just something about the way the Italian manufacturer makes its bikes that just makes them feel so special. Dare I say that the F3 feels even more special than liter-class supersports from the big four manufacturers?

But what if MV Agusta were to venture into making smaller, more beginner friendly motorcycles? After all, there is a growing market for small sportbikes which are both fun on track and tractable on the street. In Asia, bikes like the KTM RC 390 and even the Kawasaki Ninja 650 are extremely popular premium offerings, which are in fact considered big bikes. This notion, could in fact work well for MV Agusta, given the fact that the Italian manufacturer has forged a partnership with Chinese motorcycle maker Loncin. The Chinese motorcycle company is expected to eventually produce small-displacement motorcycles bearing the MV Agusta name. 

Now, this move is something many premium motorcycle manufacturers have done in order to gain traction in the lucrative Asian market. For instance, KTM has partnered up with CFMoto, and Harley-Davidson has tied up with QJ Motor. All that being said, what can we possibly expect from MV Agusta and Loncin? Well, the fact of the matter is that nothing has been officially revealed just yet. However, Italian motorcycle design extraordinaire, Oberdan Bezzi has envisioned a smaller-displacement sportbike from the legendary Italian company. He's calling it the MV Agusta F1 Supersingle, and it comes with a theoretical 650cc single-cylinder. 

Designer Imagines Single-Cylinder MV Agusta Sportbike
Oberdan Bezzi also designed a naked version of the theoretical F1, called the Fiera.

While single-cylinder sportbikes are a rather rare breed nowadays, there are a few of them which continue to be popular among enthusiasts. Chief of which would be KTM's RC 390. India also gets the razor-sharp TVS Apache RR310. Now, a 650cc single-cylinder sportbike will definitely compete in a class of its own, however, what's even more striking than this concept bike's engine is its styling. As you can see Oberdan Bezzi has taken strong inspirtation from MV Agusta's bigger sportbikes such as the F3 and the fire-breathing F4. Sporting a noticeably svelte and streamlined appearance, the F1 Supersingle looks like a purpose-built featherweight. 

In this particular rendering, Oberdan Bezzi has finished the F1 Supersingle in MV Agusta's classic red and silver livery—just like that of Giacomo Agostini's championship-winning race machine. To say that Oberdan Bezzi is gifted in the art of motorcycle design would be a massive understatement. This dude has a whole portfolio of beautiful concept motorcycle designs. So, if you're one who appreciates the art behind our beloved two-wheelers, be sure to visit Oberdan Bezzi's website linked below. 

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