TVS Motor Company has been making the international headlines as of late, and it's all been good news. From providing free COVID-19 vaccines to all its employees and their respective families, to hitting an impressive 100,000-unit export milestone, the Indian motorcycle giant is surely on the right track to market domination. This time around, the company is flaunting its whopping sales growth for March, 2021. 

Compared to the same period last year, when the coronavirus pandemic had just begun getting out of hand, TVS Motor Company posted an impressive 123-percent sales growth. This translates to 322,683 units sold in March, 2021, as against 144,739 in March of last year. In the local market, TVS sold a total of 202,155 two-wheelers last month, as opposed to the seemingly meager 94,103 bikes from March of last year.

TVS Apache RR 310

Breaking things down even further, motorcycle sales grew by a total of 136 percent with 157,294 bikes flipped in March of this year, as against 66,673 from last year. On the other hand, scooter sales saw a whopping 206 percent increase with 104,513 units shifted versus 34,191 scoots from last year. As highlighted in a previous article, TVS Motor Company also saw a massive 138 percent growth in terms of overall exports. March, 2020 saw the company shift a total of 50,197 bikes to foreign markets. 2021 has turned the tides in the favor of TVS with an impressive 105,282 two-wheelers exported in March alone. 

2021 has just begun, and TVS is undoubtedly off to an incredibly strong start. Even with this remarkable growth, it's clear to see that TVS continues to be hard at work revamping its existing model range to keep up with, and even surpass the competition. Updates to some of its best-selling models, such as the Apache RR310, are expected to roll out in the coming months. 

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