Suzuki has been mighty conservative with its model updates over the past few years. The House of Hamamatsu rolled out the new V Strom with a Euro 5-compliant engine, a DR Big-inspired re-skin, and little more. The Hayabusa received a bit more love in 2021, but the brand also reined in its more radical intentions. According to a new teaser released on Suzuki’s YouTube channel, it seems like the GSX-S1000 is next in line for a facelift.

Launched in 2015, the GSX-S1000 is Suzuki’s flagship naked bike. In 2017, the GSX-S1000 received a new slipper clutch, cosmetic updates, and an engine retune that resulted in 150 horsepower and 79.6 lb-ft of torque. Since then, the naked literbike has gone untouched. However, with Euro 5 emissions standards beckoning yet again, Suzuki will have to revisit the platform for 2021. Unfortunately, engine specs aren’t available just yet, but the video does give us a shadowy glimpse of the upcoming GSX-S1000.


Opening on the GSX’s silhouette, the teaser reveals new lines that update the bike’s outdated aesthetics. Punching in, the camera moves over the new shape of the gas tank, which seems to lose its predecessor's zig-zagging angles. Once the view roams past the gold fork tubes, however, all focus racks in on the new, multi-tiered headlight.

Taking a page from Yamaha’s book, Suzuki ditches the aging halogen unit for a futuristic, MT-inspired headlight in 2021. Seen from the front view, the three-stack LED unit certainly brings the GSX-S1000 in line with its competitors and adds a level of refinement. That quality also extends down to the mini winglets the naked bike adopts.

After the exciting buildup, the teaser informs us that the new GSX-S1000 won’t be “ready to strike” until April 26, 2021. While that seems like a lot of lead time for a model unveiling, we’ve been waiting for a GSX-S1000 update for 4 years now. Three more weeks won’t hurt, we suppose.


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