Royal Enfield seems to have struck a goldmine early on this 2021. After launching updated versions on nearly all of its model lineup, it's not surprising that an increase in sales would come as a result. What is surprising, however, is just how much the company has grown, particularly in March of this year. The Chennai-based manufacturer recently rolled out updated versions of the Royal Enfield Himalayan, and new colors for the 650 Twins. 

To top it all off, late last year, RE unveiled what would effectively replace the Classic 350, in the form of the Meteor 350. In Asia, particularly, the Classic 350 has been the bike greatly responsible for Royal Enfield's success, thanks to its barebones, simplistic construction, gorgeous looks, and affordable price tag. As it would turn out, the Meteor 350 is proving itself to be a rather worthy heir to the throne of entry-level Royal Enfield motorcycling. The low-displacement classic-styled machine has been launched across multiple Asian markets, and units are rolling off the showroom floor by the dozen.

2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan

Now, going back to overall sales figures, Royal Enfield registered a whopping 84 percent growth in March, 2021, as opposed to the same month last year. The company sold an impressive 66,058 two-wheelers last month—a solid 35,814 units more than that of March, 2020. Breaking it down even further, out of the 66,058 units sold, a huge chunk of it—60,173 units to be exact—were flipped in the domestic market. The remaining 5,885 bikes were exported to numerous other markets.

This just goes to show how dominant Royal Enfield is in the India market. Furthermore, it also hints at just how much potential this company has. A once-obscure motorcycle manufacturer, which, less than ten years ago, was a barely recognizable brand name in the global sphere, is now making waves all over the world. If Royal Enfield continues on its path to providing a thoroughly unique and personal motorcycling experience, chances are it could very well have a seat at the top of the food chain.

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