Up until recently, the entry-level electric two-wheeler game has been dominated by lightweight scooters. Popping up from multiple manufacturers both old and new, these green commuters are perfect for the urban environments of multiple Asian and countries. However, it would seem that the tides are beginning to shift towards full-sized motorcycles, as is the case with the Komaki MX3. 

What looks like a gasoline-powered, early-2000s machine, is in fact a thoroughly modern electric motorcycle with an extremely affordable priced tag. Launched in the Indian market as a no-frills, barebones electric motorcycle, the Komaki MX3 fetches the equivalent of just $1,307 USD. Now, this is extremely affordable, even within the entry-level electric motorcycle scene, so let's take a look what the MX3 has to offer. For starters, the overall appearance of the motorcycle looks like it was definitely made to fit the price point. There's no denying that this bike is devoid of any of the stylistic nuances found in more premium machines. 

Check Out The New Komaki MX3 Electric Motorcycle

Underneath its skin is a simple 1.5kWh battery pack. Although exact performance figures have not been disclosed, Komaki claims that the MX3 is capable of an impressive 85 to 100 kilometer range on a single charge. The Komaki MX3 has been designed as a durable commuter. Equipped with an iron frame, this e-bike rolls on full-sized 17-inch wheels, and is sprung on a set of standard telescopic shock absorbers on both ends. The electric motorcycle comes with a standard halogen headlight with LED turn signals, and three power modes which can be toggled via a switch found on the right hand side of the handlebar. 

Overall, it's clear to see that the Komaki MX3 occupies the budget-friendly side of market. However, it does present itself as an alternative for city-dwellers who are looking for a simple commuter to shuttle them around town on a daily basis. Perhaps, it's only a matter of time before we see more well-equipped entry-level electric motorcycles enter the market. 

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