Taking a wrecked bike and making something new, beautiful, and better out of it is its own special kind of reward. In this case, we’re of course talking about a motorcycle—but that idea holds true for bicycles, as well. In fact, it’s exactly that kind of thinking that led the Oakland Roots Soccer Club and BMW Motorcycles of Concord in California to team up and build this custom BMW Rooted 9T.  

When you first see it, it’s hard to miss the explosion of bright colors that bursts forth from the paint. The wheels, in particular, really stand out. Oakland, California’s own Ginger Ann Schmidt of Kiss My G.A.S. Industries and Kellen Em Stunts painted these custom wheels, inspired by Oakland’s scraper bike scene. 

For those unfamiliar, scraper bikes started with Tyrone Stevenson, Jr. in the early 2000s. It’s a custom bicycle youth movement, keeping kids out of trouble by giving them something creative to do. Local kids have been building their own custom bicycles, applying all kinds of brightly colored materials to their wheel spokes, and having a great time doing it. The resulting scraper bikes are super unique, unforgettable, and will probably make you want to go make something cool of your own. That is, in fact, exactly what happened here. 

Gallery: BMW Motorcycles of Concord x Oakland Roots SC Rooted 9T Custom

“After seeing an incredible display of scraper bikes at an Oakland Roots match, we were inspired to use the vibrant colors and color blocking of scraper bikes on the wheels of our project bike,” BMW Motorcycles of Concord dealer Eric Wight said in a statement. 

“Hopefully, the scraper bike community can see this bike and its wheels and recognize that their creations were our inspiration. The positivity and engagement opportunities that scraper bikes provide to the youth in Oakland can be truly life-altering and we hope this motorcycle will increase awareness of and participation in the scraper bike community.” 

Another Oakland-based artist, Vogue of TDK, was responsible for the jewel-hued paint scheme design and execution on the Rooted 9T’s bodywork. As with many customs, the project came together with work from local artisans on things like powder- and ceramic-coating and anodizing, while plenty of components were sourced from whatever best suited this project. The Rooted 9T runs a full Öhlins suspension, a Unit Garage exhaust, Daedalus Designs carbon-fiber clip-ons, and a Motogadget instrument cluster, as well as other custom components.  

If you’re in the Oakland, California, area, you can see this bike in person pretty easily. In 2021, it’s living at Oaklandish on Broadway in downtown Oakland, and will also trek over to all home Oakland Roots SC games throughout the 2021 season. 

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