Think back to when you were a little kid. What experiences stuck with you the most into adulthood? If you grew up in a racing family, maybe that’s something you still enjoy now. If you’re not from a  racing family, maybe you grew up watching the Paris-Dakar Rally and dreaming about having great adventures on your own BMW one day.  

Builder Mattias Corea spent his childhood watching rally greats like Gaston Rahier. He said that’s what made him love riding in general and BMWs in particular. As he started wrenching on bikes himself, he grew to love the simplicity of working on those classic boxers. After creating a street bike as his first-ever custom build, Corea moved on to this R80-based ADV creation.  

The finished project is called Myth 001. Well, that’s not entirely accurate, because according to Corea, the true completion of the project will be seeing how it performs on an overland trip from Barcelona, Spain to Cape Town, South Africa. There’s no telling what types of challenges his trip will present, but the build certainly seems extremely well-thought-out. 

Myth 001 - Left Side with Corea
Myth 001 - Front View

While the Myth 001 is certainly wrapped up in an incredibly appealing visual package, true capability in bikes usually starts from within. In Corea’s case, key modifications included boring out the cylinders to fit new 95mm high-compression pistons and upgrading to a 328-degree asymmetrical racing crankshaft. When all his engine rebuilding was complete, finished displacement was 1001cc, and the engine now makes a claimed 72 horsepower at the rear wheel.  

From there, Corea naturally moved his attention to installing Bing carburetors. A high-capacity oil cooler, an 8mm-thick bash plate, subframe reinforcements, and an 11.3-gallon nylon HPN fuel tank like the ones found on BMW Dakar bikes from the ‘80s all joined the party. Since questionable fuel quality and resultant pinging could be a very real issue, Corea also added a dual curve ignition system with a dash-mounted switch for on-the-fly timing adjustments.  

Gallery: Myth 001 Custom BMW R80

In truth, there are so many small details that Corea changed on this bike, you might get a shorter list if you asked what he didn’t change. This bike was built to be extremely capable, and it shows. 

A new custom-length Wilbers shock increased rear suspension travel, along with elongating the swingarm by 100mm. Up front, he fitted a WP open-chamber fork with 250mm of travel. Takasago Excel rims with heavy-duty aluminum spokes grace both ends of the bike, with a 21-inch version up front and an 18-inch one in the rear. They’re wrapped in Mitas E-07 dual-sport rubber, and the front brake got a Brembo 4-piston caliper and 320mm disc upgrade.  

Corea’s planned break-in trip for the Myth 001 should take about 22,000 miles, during which he’ll be able to fully evaluate how well all his modifications suit their intended purpose. If all goes well, he hopes to be able to take what he’s learned and apply it to future builds based on the Myth 001 for customers.  

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