When KTM launched the 390 Adventure last year, the lightweight adventure segment was redefined. Combining its expertise with adventure bikes from the groundbreaking 790 Adventure with the easy-to-ride yet performance oriented nature of the 390 Duke platform, KTM created a lightweight adventure bike that was extremely capable and surprisingly affordable. 

As has been the case with KTM's machines, the aftermarket scene for the 390 Adventure is beginning to pick up some steam. In India, a country that prides itself for manufacturing a lot of KTM's models, the 390 Adventure is fast becoming a favorite platform for custom builders to work on. Out of the box, however, the KTM 390 Adventure is an extremely capable machine, both on and off-road. Equipped with 43mm WP Apex suspension, as well as a suite of sophisticated rider aids, this bike is unlike any other in its class. 

That being said, several parts and accessories geared towards enhancing the bike's off-road prowess have surfaced. A YouTube video by Indian motovlogger, Silent Biker KV, gives a pretty detailed rundown on some of these accessories. At a glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at the more high end 790 Adventure. This is because Silent Biker KV has fitted a set of spoked wheels from AOM. Now, apart from making the bike look like its bigger sibling, spoked wheels are more ideal for gnarly off-road riding, as they are less likely to crack and leave you stranded, as opposed to alloy wheels. 

Silent Biker KV Custom KTM 390 Adventure

Moving up the list of mods, we find a top rack fitted on the back of this 390 Adventure. Crafted by Automel, this mod is essential for long haul rides as it allows you to strap on luggage, or better yet, fit a top case onto the bike. Those of you who frequently go on long rides are well acquainted with the stain a backpack can put on your back over long periods of time. Silent Biker KV's custom 390 Adventure also features a windscreen adaptor that slightly elevates the windshield, giving a tad more wind protection. After all, consistent wind buffeting can increase fatigue. 

Now, the KTM 390 Adventure is rated for a healthy 44 horsepower. This means it has enough power to tackle gnarly trails and highways alike. That being said, Silent Biker KV has fitted a larger rear sprocket to increase the bike's low-end torque. This comes in handy when riding off-road, and significantly gives the bike more pep in its step. This custom 390 Adventure has also been fitted with a set of Carbon Racing handlebar risers to give it a more upright ergonomic and more natural feel when standing up on the pegs. 

To top things off, Silent Biker KV had a custom Red Bull livery installed care of the folks at Wrap&Ride. This aesthetic enhancement gives the bike an even more unique personality, reminiscent of KTM's competition-spec Dakar machines. There are literally thousands of ways you can modify and customize your bike. Silent Biker KV's 390 Adventure is one way to tweak your bike with bolt-on parts to make it more off-road ready. 

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