I don't know about you, but these days, whenever I hear someone say that they own a "custom motorcycle", I can't help but wonder if the bike they own is a bone stock bike with some minor modifications, or a built from the ground up, one of a kind machine. Of course, this isn't to discount the former—indeed adding little touches and functional modifications is a tasteful way to build a bike and make it more your own.

In fact I tend to veer in that direction when it comes to my personal bikes, as well. However, there has always been something about custom builds that never fails to catch my eye. I've always wanted build one myself, but the time and level of attention needed is just beyond my capabilities at the moment. That being said, I find myself living vicariously through the countless stunning builds I see online. This 1970s Honda CB360 from Titan Motorcycles is a prime example. After reading the full feature of this spectacular build on Ultimate MotorcyclingI was stunned at the level of detail that had gone into this build. 

Titan One Custom Honda CB360
Titan One Custom Honda CB360

Starting life as an old 1970s Honda CB360 that was pretty much destined for the scrap pile, the folks at Titan Motorcycles breathed a new, one of a kind life into this machine. I mean, just look at it. Words will do no justice to the countless of hours the builders of this machine have spent perfecting their craft. At a glance you'd be forgiven for thinking that this bike is nearly unrideable—what with the wooden seat, extremely low clip-ons, and exhaust pipes situated mere millimeters from your butt. You'd be right, but then again, rideability is well beyond the point of this gorgeous machine. 

When it comes to builds like this, practicality, and even sensibility goes flying out the window. It's where soul and passion take the wheel—or should I say, bars—and the very essence of the builder is represented in something tangible, unique, and never before seen. 

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