Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde, a Netherlands-based exhaust brand that specializes in pipes with volume control, have a new product line out for the BMW R nineT. 

The brand’s exhaust systems are known for being loud when you want it and quiet when you need it. Thanks to an electronically-controlled valve system, a Jekill & Hyde exhaust is the best of both worlds, and then some with their new pipe for the R nineT. 

Valve-controlled exhausts are definitely not a new concept, but Jekill & Hyde make it their primary offering for consumers looking to purchase their products. They’re known for their exhausts with a split personality, which lends itself well to riders who are looking for a bit of versatility and novelty on their rides. 

The new muffler system sports an urban style, and it's compatible with all of the BMW R nineT’s variants, from the Pure all the way to the Urban G/S and Scrambler. The system also has European-type approval, a seal that the company has worked hard to acquire over the years. As such, the systems are approved for Euro 4, and Euro 5. The Euro 5 type approval applies to 2017 and up R nineTs. 

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde - BMW R nineT Exhaust

As for the design of the new system, Jekill and Hyde offer either an all-black finish or a bare metal finish with up two types of end caps on offer with several finishes to choose from. The body of the muffler is in a classic cone shape, which matches the retro aesthetic of the R nineT, and it’s also available as a low-mount or a high-mount on the bike. 

As for its crowning feature, the adjustable volume control comes in three models, Jekill if you want to be quiet, Hyde if you like it loud, and Dynamic, an intermediate mode. An electronically-controlled valve is in charge of this volume-changing magic, which can be controlled via the switches that are to be installed on the handlebars. 

On top of the technology and the craftsmanship, customers will also be guaranteed for four years, which is an added bonus and assurance, given that the system is quite pricey, tagged at a starting price of €1,715 EUR, or about $1,820 USD given current exchange rates.

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