All motorcyclists want a tire with sportbike-level grip and touring-tire lifespan. Throw in great wet-weather performance and you’d have a tire that’s too good to be true, right? Not according to Dunlop. For 2021, the company believes its four-season Mutant motorcycle tire is ready to shapeshift for any situation that’s thrown at it.

Starting with the tread pattern, the Mutant lives up to its moniker with aggressive slashes and diamond cutouts. The scale-like pattern isn’t all for show, however. Ample grooves quickly evacuate water, dirt, and mud from under the Mutant’s large footprint, ensuring traction in various terrains and conditions. A high silica compound also increases grip in wet and cold weather, when tires struggle to retain heat.

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In the dry, Dunlop’s MT Multi-tread technology provides nimble handling with high-grip lateral compounds and long-distance longevity with a harder center strip. Whether you ride like Quicksilver or pound the pavement like Juggernaut, the Mutant should have you covered. When it's time to bring all that momentum to a halt though, the tire’s jointless belt construction and Dunlop’s special Apex sidewall treatment increases braking and cornering stability.

Ever-adaptable, the Mutant comes in a variety of sizes that fits over 250 U.S. models. Whether you ride sport-touring or supermoto, whether you adventure or commute, the Mutant’s four-season readiness suits it for all riding styles and conditions. Yes, we all want a tire that has Nightcrawler’s grip, Wolverine’s longevity, and Storm’s seasonal command. If everything that Dunlop claims about the Mutant rings true, they may have rewritten the genetic code for all the tires to come.

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