Whether you’re carving up canyons or taking on a track day, chances are you’ll come across a litany of bikes equipped with Pirelli’s Diablo Rosso III tires. With just enough water-evacuating grooves to keep them road-legal, the performance-oriented street tires are known for an absurd amount of grip. Thanks to the lineup’s reputation for handling and feel, Pirelli has sold over 5 million Diablo Rosso hoops in a little over a decade.

It’s no wonder with the models like the Diablo Rosso Corsa II, Diablo Rosso III, and Diablo Rosso Scooter as major players in their respective fields. Now, Pirelli is raising the bar with the new and improved Diablo Rosso IV tire. The company says the fourth-generation Diablo Rosso will retain its sporting personality while increasing handling characteristics in both dry and wet conditions.


Formulated for supersports, hypernakeds, and superbikes, Pirelli promotes the Diablo Rosso IV’s ability to handle large power loads while still providing generous feedback and response. Regardless of the road or conditions, the latest Diablo Rosso should deliver a dynamic riding experience with the utmost grip and handling. With a redesigned groove pattern, the company developed its new flagship tire to tackle wet weather without sacrificing its nimble attributes.

Though Pirelli hails its updated donut, the announcement is a bit sparse on details. Whether the increased handling and grip is a result of a new compound or carcass is a mystery. Just how the new grooves evacuate more water and preserve traction in slick conditions isn’t specified. Information on Pirelli’s website is pretty lacking as well, so we may have to take the Italian brand at its word for the time being. After all, the Diablo Rosso family has been a hallmark in sport riding circles since 2008.

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