As we stare down the 2020 holiday season, maybe you’ve already decided you want to make 2021 an adventure. While there’s no time like the present, perhaps you’ve decided that time is a type of present; one you want to unwrap and enjoy to the fullest on your shiny new Ducati Multistrada V4.  

If that’s you, then Pirelli has some good news for you. While Pirelli and Ducati have teamed up to stick Scorpion tire variants on Multistradas since the beginning, the dawn of the V4 brings some new tire options.  

Since 2012, Pirelli Scorpion Trail IIs have been the standard tire fitted to your new Multistrada as it’s assembled in Borgo Panigale. While the Multistrada may have generationally advanced in the past eight years, the Trail II has been a constant. In fact, the 2021 Multistrada V4 still comes wearing this rubber. 

Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR Front and Rear Tires
Pirelli Scorpion Rally Front And Rear Tires

Now, though, Pirelli is pleased to announce the introduction of new Scorpion Rally STR and Scorpion Rally tires to fit your Multistrada V4. While all three Scorpion variants can do both on- and off-road duty, the Rally STR and regular Rally are both more off-road biased tires, to varying degrees. Multistrada V4 riders have all kinds of plans for their bikes—and Pirelli wants to help you achieve those goals. 

The Scorpion Rally STR offers a high silica content, which Pirelli says offers increased grip in both wet and dry conditions, as well as additional stability and abrasion resistance. Blocks on this knobbly enduro tire are longer and wider, with the gaps between lines of knobs reduced to increase your contact patch. They’ve also been engineered to better dissipate heat to prevent knob tearing. These have an on-road 70/ off-road 30 bias, per Pirelli. 

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At the most extreme end of the spectrum, the Scorpion Rally was designed with desert racing and rallying in mind. The compound is particularly tear, cut, and abrasion resistant. Blocks on these tires are positioned to help you make the most when you’re braking. Pirelli also says the carcass of the Scorpion Rally offers high resistance to help you overcome whatever obstacles are in your path.  

Whether you have a path in mind—or no path at all—here's to exploring more on your Multistrada V4! 

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