With coronavirus basically tossing everyone’s 2020 calendar of events out the window, club racers and track day riders are more eager than ever to get back out on the track. So are trackside vendors, including tire manufacturers like Pirelli. To that end, Pirelli is rolling out an ingenious program that lets you try out a set of its fancy-schmancy track tires before you buy them. 

Pirelli’s new North American “Try Before You Buy” trackside tire program is intriguing. Decisions like these are usually made well in advance, and are not spur-of-the-moment decisions that someone just throws out, so we can only guess that Pirelli determined this course of action some time ago for the 2020 season. Still, it’s pretty convenient timing, if you want an added incentive to lure riders back to the track.  

As you might guess, only certain tires are included in this program. They are: 

  • Diablo Superbike SC1, SC2, and SC3 
  • Diablo Supercorsa SC, SC1 and TD 
  • Diablo Rain (depending on weather; with vendor approval) 
  • Diablo Wet (depending on weather; with vendor approval) 

At track days, both local race teams and solo riders alike will be able to test these new Pirelli tires, which will be installed and monitored by authorized Pirelli trackside vendors.  

“This new program is something that Pirelli and our trackside vendors are very excited about introducing for 2020. Our lineup provides a great experience across the board, whether it be our racing compounds, wet and rain options, or track day specific compounds, we have something that meets the needs of everyday sportbike enthusiasts. I’m extremely confident that our customers will be impressed with the tires at the end of the day and be happy to be able to purchase them at a discount,” said Oscar Solis, Pirelli motorcycle road racing manager. 

Pirelli 'Try Before You Buy' 2020 Program

Eagle-eyed Pirelli tire enthusiasts might note that the Supercorsa TD is included in the list of applicable tires. It’s notable on this list because it requires no tire warmers, and is meant to make life easier for the track day enthusiast who wants to ride their bike to a track day on public roads, and then ride home afterward.  

While this program is interesting, it’s unclear what the test period is. Do Pirelli vendors let you take these tires out for just a couple of hot laps before you have to make a decision on whether to buy a set? Hopefully, your Pirelli vendor at your next track day will have a solid answer for you. 

Source: Pirelli Racer 

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