What would you do if you could start your motorcycling journey today? Armed with experience and knowledge, most of us would do something different. Whether that’s buying a different first bike or investing in more gear, we typically pass our learnings on to new riders. To reach even more people, moto-influencers Anna Rigby, Laura Craft, Sarah Merrell and Emily Prince are maximizing their platform with the MotoTribe podcast and YouTube channel.

Aside from the introduction episode, MotoTribe already covered beginner topics with videos like First Motorcycle! Suggestions For Beginners and Learning to Ride? Start Here. However, the platform also caters to seasoned riders with installments focusing on racing. The four women bring their own unique perspectives to the table while appealing to all riders, regardless of gender.

“We want people to feel like they’re there with us,” said Rigby. “We named it MotoTribe because we’re inviting people into our tribe with an inside look. Our hope is that it will create more interest in a sport that we’re all passionate about.”

Coming from various backgrounds, MotoTribe members add different strengths to the team. Rigby (aka Redspade) owns Redspade Racing and specializes in photography and graphic design. The avid racer also works with Yamaha and Kawasaki and earned sponsorships from Dainese, AGV, Pirelli, Motul, Akrapovic, SBS Brakes and RideRich. Fellow Georgia-based influencer Laura Craft met Rigby in 2011 and stands out for her public speaking skills. Sponsored by REV’IT!, LS2, and Stylmartin, she has also partnered with BMW in the past.

As a journalist for Blue Ridge Motorcycling Magazine, Sarah Merrell is the writer of the bunch. Joining the MotoTribe in 2014, her experience as the Women’s Sportbike Rally also benefits the crew. Merrell frequently races pit bikes and works with Yamaha Champ’s School and Triumph. Her sponsors include OneX, PT Racing Oil and Two Brothers Racing. Emily Prince is the latest addition to the team and she stands out as a mechanic. She also started racing her Kawasaki ZX-6R in 2021.

With such a talented and diverse lineup, it won’t be long before MotoTribe gains a massive following. We might be experienced riders, but we’re all ears.

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