knows the importance of growing female ridership in motorcycling. Since 2017, the brand has gathered a group of talented riders for its Women’s ADV Team. From enduro to full-size adventure riding, the team roster typically features four to five women from various backgrounds and regions of the country. The exclusive membership also includes a group expedition that puts the REV’IT! gear to the test. Unfortunately, COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions eliminated the 2020 get-together.

Instead, REV’IT! got creative and established the five-part 2021 Women's Team #WeADV video series. Each week, the brand’s YouTube channel publishes a video showcasing one rider in REV’IT!’s Adventure Team. The series already covered Amelia Nunn of New Jersey, Colorado’s Katelyn Barnecut, and Kris Fant of Oregon. Pieces on Indiana’s Jenna West and Erika Tango Bean of Arizona will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Due to the pandemic, REV’IT! had to commission local creatives to produce the videos as well. Production companies and directors include Niki Murphy, Kasen Schamuan, Flewid Films, Bayonet Media, and Roberto Serrini. For that reason, each episode will feature its own tone, cinematography, and subjects while highlighting each rider in a unique way.

Aside from the stylistic differences, every video will aim to inspire new and experienced riders to continue seeking out adventures—even during a global pandemic. The series takes a grassroots approach, with the REV’IT! Women’s Team sharing their favorite hometown riding routes, , and ideas for keeping busy during lockdowns. For instance, REV’IT! rider Amelia Nunn built a bike shed for her trusty steeds during the initial COVID-19 outbreak.

"This is a chance to give back to the community for me,” said REV’IT! ’s Riding Team Member Amelia Nunn. “(The team) started as an opportunity to try new gear and be a representative for REV'IT!, but it has turned into a chance to offer support to other riders, specifically female riders.”

We’ve all had to adjust to this post-COVID world in some way. We’re just glad that REV’IT! is still dedicated to growing female ridership despite the circumstances.

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