Warranty is truly a wonderful thing. Found on nearly anything and everything you can buy, warranty has done its part to prevent unnecessary headaches countless times. Motorcycles, too, come with their own respective warranty packages, oftentimes varying from country-to-country. For instance, KTM provides 24 months warranty on all its street bikes in the U.S. More impressively, BMW offers a 5-year, 500,00-kilometer warranty in the Philippines. 

Given all this, it would appear that nothing currently stacks up against Honda Italy's extended warranty program. The company recently announced that it will be offering a stellar six-year extended warranty on all scooters and motorcycles in Italy. This makes Honda the first and only motorcycle manufacturer to offer such extensive warranty in the market. In order to benefit from the extended warranty package, customers need not lift a finger, other than comply with the in-house prerequisite maintenance program of their respective scooter or motorcycle. 

Honda hopes to extend as much peace of mind and make owning a Honda scooter and motorcycle the most hassle-free experience out there. Aside from maximizing your peace of mind, the extended warranty is also transferrable in the event of sale prior to the completion of the six-year period. Having been rolled out on all two-wheelers sold and registered after March 1, 2021, both brand new and soon-to-be second-hand owners of Honda two-wheelers in Italy will be breathing easy for the next six years. 

What's even better is that Honda is also offering optional extended roadside assistance to go with the free extended six-year warranty. For those who opt out of the extended roadside assistance, the standard one year program specific to roadside assistance will be retained. While the cost of availing of the additional five years roadside assistance will vary on your specific motorcycle or scooter, Honda Italy claims that it is offering the extended program at an extremely low price. 

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