What were you doing when you were four years old? I know I had a pretty normal childhood. Maybe I was riding a tiny bicycle with training wheels back then. I'm sure I wasn't shredding it off-road or popping wheelies on a tiny little sportbike. This kid, who goes by the name Tima Kuleshov, was four years old when this video was posted back in 2017. Based out of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, this kid has some sick riding skills.

It definitely goes without saying that Tima has a bright future on two wheels ahead of him. In fact, in the years succeeding his viral video, the kid has been shredding it off-road both in mountain biking and motocross racing. Ever since he was two years old, Tima Kuleshov always found himself attracted to adrenaline-filled sports. Apart from riding his sportbikes and dirt bikes, he also does a lot of mountain biking. When the cold and harsh Ukrainian winters kick in, however, Tima's high adrenaline lifestyle doesn't take a back seat. When he isn't on his two-wheelers, he's shredding the slopes of ski courses all across the country. 


It's amazing to see the level of support that Tima Kuleshov continues to receive when it comes to his two-wheeled passions. He even has his own racing team and a van with matching graphics on the side. A trip to his Instagram page linked below will show that he's taking two-wheeled motorsports as well as mountain biking very seriously. Now eight years old, he recently participated in the Goloseevo MX 2020 motocross race, and bagged second place in the 50cc to 65cc category last December. 

With skills this amazing at an early age like his, there's no question about it. We'll definitely see more of Tima Kuleshov in motorsports in the years to come. 


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