It’s the beginning of March, 2021, but Ducati isn’t done with its yearly new model introductions quite yet. As the team at Borgo Panigale began releasing its 2021 models into the wild in late 2020, we learned that not much changed with its Ducati Scrambler lineup. We got the Ducati Scrambler Nightshift—which is nice to look at—but in the end, it’s all about new accessories and paint rather than any kind of drastic redesign.  

Then again, if you’re Ducati, you’ll clearly think long and hard before you mess with a winning formula. Instead, offering greater variation seems to be a key strategy. That kind of thinking is why, in January, 2020, Ducati unveiled its Scrambler 1100 Pro and Sport Pro to the world. Bigger, bolder, but unmistakably Scrambler. 

With that recent history in mind, what kind of Ducati Scrambler unveiling is the company planning for March 10, 2021? As is customary with a teaser, the house of Borgo Panigale was mum about any actual details. It sent out a “save the date” announcement with the graphic you see at the top of this piece, a note that it would be a Ducati Scrambler presentation, and the text “Is the wilderness your natural habitat? Don’t miss the online presentation!”  

Will it be a more substantial update to the Desert Sled than just the new, blue paint scheme introduced for 2021? Could it be an even more off-road-biased Scrambler variant, for those riders who find the Desert Sled a bit too street-oriented? Perhaps it’s a new version of the Scrambler 1100 architecture that’s more ready to go play in the dirt, with longer suspension travel, knobbier tires, and a nice bash plate to protect the engine from rocks.  

Those seem like the most likely options to us, but it could, of course, be something else entirely. What do you think and hope it might be? Would you rather wait and see what’s in the box, or do you like to shake it to see if you can hear any clues inside? In any case, at least we only have a few days to wait before all is revealed. 

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