Most of the time, when you see a particularly nice custom bike, it’s easy to appreciate it as a one-of-a-kind rolling sculpture. Sometimes, though, a finished bike seems as though it should have been what came out of an OEM’s factory in the first place. Folks, if you like the Ducati Scrambler 1100 but wish it was a little more versatile, then Officine Rossopuro’s latest creation may be just what you’ve been looking for.  

It’s called the Scrambler 1100 Tuttoterreno, or “All-Terrain.” If you're familiar with Filippo Barbacane’s previous work under the Officine Rossopuro name, you probably won’t be surprised at its elegance and beauty. This bright yellow adventurer is a much-needed ray of sunshine in January, 2021.  

Originally intended for release at the beginning of 2020, given the state of the world, Officine Rossopuro decided to hold it back awhile longer. Months eventually stretched into an entire year, and ultimately, Barbacane decided that it was finally time to unleash his latest project on the world. 

Gallery: Officine Rossopuro Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tuttoterreno

As you can immediately see, he wanted something that would be much more capable as a dual sport machine. Thus, a 21-inch front wheel was deemed absolutely necessary. The stock Scrambler 1100 also needed a bit of weight reduction, which is where all-aluminum bodywork entered the picture. You’ve probably also already noticed the single, sleek Termignoni high-mount exhaust system, which now sits proudly on the right side of the Tuttoterreno, in place of the much chunkier dual-can unit. A taller, more capable suspension and a new tubular rear subframe were also completely logical additions. 

Officine Rossopuro says the end result is much lighter in weight, although it doesn’t give exact numbers for comparison. Still, the visual impact also gives a much lighter, more refined impression, as well. Clean, flowing, uncluttered lines lend themselves beautifully to a bike that looks like it just wants to get out and go forever, wherever you want to take it.  

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