Throughout 2020, MV Agusta’s CEO Timur Sardarov had a lot to say about upcoming MV bike developments, like the updated F3 planned for 2021. An all-new F4 is in the works as well, but in June, 2020, Sardarov stressed that it wouldn’t come until 2024 or ‘25, at the earliest. 

Those are just some of the plans that Sardarov laid out last year, with others including electric mobility and adventure bikes. All the while, simmering away in the background, we can’t forget that MV rejoined the racing world in Moto2 in 2019. It’s been working on its development in that series ever since. One thing is for certain: MV Agusta may be many things to many people, but you can’t say that it’s lazy.  

It turns out, though, that Timur Sardarov has grander ambitions for MV Agusta than merely scaling the mountains of Moto2. In a recent interview with GPOne, Sardarov set some pretty reasonable 2021 goals. He said that MV’s Forward Racing team has progressed pretty satisfactorily during its first two years in the series, but now, they’re working toward getting their first podium. Seems like a good plan, now that the team is finding its footing. 

What MV learns in Moto2, Sardarov said, will be lessons it will take to the pinnacle of international motorcycle racing as we currently know it. When asked if MV Agusta might consider competing in other series, Sardarov said, “For Moto3, we don’t have the bike. MotoGP is the path to take. Our company must first learn in Moto2 and then slowly move to MotoGP later in this decade.” 

Since it’s only 2021, that gives MV Agusta approximately nine years to learn, grow, change, and formulate its MotoGP strategy, if it sticks to that timeline. However, timelines are malleable, and circumstances change. Nine years is a long time. It’s early days yet, so we’ll have to see what actually transpires between now and then. 

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