Is a new MV Agusta F3 coming? What about an F4? What about a supermoto? Will MV ever consider making bicycles? These questions and more are just some of what CEO Timur Sardarov addressed in a two-part video posted on the company’s YouTube channel in June, 2020. Speaking directly amid a sea of Superveloces awaiting shipment, the man answered a bunch of questions posed by Instagram and Facebook users. It’s planned to be a regular series, and may even happen as often as once a month, so don’t be too upset if you missed it. Here’s part one if you want to watch, and here’s part two

First, let’s talk about bikes that are definitely in development. Sardarov confirmed that a major update is in the works for the F3, due sometime in 2021. It’s getting brand-new electronics for sure, but he said that while it’s currently in development, all other details are still “top secret” at the moment. Additionally, a new F4 is coming in four to five years, but it’s very important to MV that the redesigned F4 not “be just another superbike.”  

A new Turismo Veloce 950 is definitely in the works, and Sardarov says the current goal is to release it in time for riding season of 2022. Two additional 1000cc models are also currently in development, although he didn’t give any details whatsoever about these, other than that they will someday exist.  

He also confirmed that MV is working on some 300 to 400cc models, as well as 500 to 600cc models. The latter bikes should be on the market in three years, although it’s unclear at this point whether that will be global availability, or only for certain markets.  

Meanwhile, Cagiva bikes are coming, but per Sardarov, these will be “commuter bikes for the urban environment.” It’s unclear whether that will overlap at all with another thing the CEO mentioned is in the works: a range of “smart, connected mobility solutions” that will include kick scooters, high-performance bicycles, and electric bicycles. The word “bike” can have multiple meanings, so we don’t know for sure at this point.  

Things that Sardarov said the company definitely won’t do include a V4 and a supermoto. Regarding the V4, he said “Why?!” and went on to explain that MV is very happy with its inline fours, and a V4 just isn’t MV’s brand. Regarding a future supermoto, he said it previously “almost killed the company,” so that’s definitely not in the works.  

Finally, things Sardarov said the company may consider in the future include the possibility of both a scrambler and a cruiser sometime in the next few years. Asked about both those things separately, Sardarov said “we’ll see, maybe in a couple of years, you’ll see them in showrooms.”  

Regarding recent personnel changes, Sardarov said that longtime design director Adrian Morton and MV parted ways by mutual agreement, and that while Morton is no longer employed by MV, he will be working with them on future projects on a consultancy basis. Also, Giovanni Castiglioni departed at the end of 2019 to pursue other avenues, and has not been part of MV Agusta since that time. 

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