How would you like to see a Triumph Bonneville 250 soon? Or what about something like a Triumph Street Single? Well, it would appear that a bike of this nature could very well be in the works. As you're probably aware, Triumph and struck a partnership a little over a year ago for the latter to produce small-displacement motorcycles for Triumph in the Asian market. 

The two companies had been testing the waters for two years prior to officially announcing their partnership. Fast forward to today, and rumors of the newest small-displacement Triumph abound. Last week, it was reported that Bajaj was developing a 250cc engine for the upcoming Pulsar. Recent developments suggest that this new air-cooled, 250cc single-cylinder engine could likely be the same engine to be used in the bikes to roll out as a result of the Triumph-Bajaj partnership. 

Bajaj Pulsar 200
The new Triumph could share a similar engine with the Bajaj Pulsar.

Perhaps another interesting thing to note is the fact that this new engine is air-cooled, as opposed to liquid-cooled just like Bajaj's other new engines. This could hint at the price bracket that Triumph and Bajaj are eyeing for their new bike. Perhaps, the upcoming 250cc Triumph could be a worthy opponent to the likes of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, or maybe even the Honda H'Ness CB350 and CB350 RS. Although down by around 100cc, it can't be denied that rolling around on a Triumph has a different level of allure, thanks to the company's rich heritage. 

To set itself apart, the new engine to be used on the small-displacement Triumph is expected to feature redesigned engine cases as opposed to that of the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar 250. As has always been the case with Triumphs both big and small, a great amount of attention to detail has always been put into the bikes, making sure they retain that iconic retro-modern styling for which Triumph is known and loved. 

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