For the working-class citizen in countries like Malaysia, super affordable and practical scooters make perfect sense. Machines that are as affordable to maintain as they are to buy are pretty popular thanks to their dependability and practicality. Who needs fancy tech and premium features, when all you're looking for is an A to B machine that just keeps on ticking?

With this in mind, Malaysian motorcycle manufacturer, Aveta, has updated its entry-level underbone motorcycle for the 2021 model year. The new Aveta VS110 has been priced at an extremely affordable RM 3,588, or the equivalent of just $888 USD. Complete with a two-year, 20,000-kilometer warranty, owners of this new moped will be delighted to know that their trusty steed is ensured to remain dependable and reliable. The VS110 serves as the company's mid-tier bike in its roster. It is joined by the more affordable DY90 and Ranger 110, and the slightly more premium RX110.  

Aveta VS110

As far as features are concerned, the Aveta VS110 comes equipped with a 113cc single-cylinder engine. Devoid of any fancy tech such as fuel-injection and liquid-cooling, this tiny little engine produces a docile 6.5 horsepower. Transferring all this power to the back wheel is a rudimentary four-speed rotary transmission equipped with a centrifugal clutch. The Aveta VS110 weighs little more than the average adult male at just 83 kilograms. That said, the bike's lightweight construction aids its fuel efficiency by allowing the rider to maximize its four-liter fuel tank. 

The Aveta VS110 is suspended on a set of conventional telescopic forks up front. A pair of preload-adjustable shock absorbers handle suspension duties at the back. Finally, the bike is put to a stop by way of mechanical drum brakes front and rear. Of course, ABS does not come as an option on this type of braking system. The Aveta VS110 comes in four colorways: Cyan, Blue, Red, and Black. 

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