A dependable everyday companion.

Bajaj has updated the Platina 100 KS in the Indian market, and has priced the entry level workhorse at Rs 51,667. Bikes like the Platina, as well as the Hero Splender are very popular in India due to their affordability, practicality, and efficiency especially when used for commuting on a daily basis.

The new Platina 100 is available in two additional variants as well, the entry level ES Drum and the slightly more premium ES Disc variant. The updated bike now comes standard with black hand guards, new graphics, and two new color schemes: Ebony Black with matching silver decals, and Cocktail Wine Red. Practical and adequate comes from a docile 102cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine which churns out a measly 8 horsepower. A rather rudimentary four-speed gearbox transfers power to the rear wheel.

Bajaj Platina 100

The Platina comes standard with a convenient combi-brake system which allows both front and rear brakes to engage from the pull of a single lever. Although easy to use, the Platina’s brakes are rather barebones as well—a 130mm and 110mm drum at the front and rear respectively. The ES Disc variant is equipped with a disc brake upfront, but retains the 110mm rear drum brake.

At present, the revised Platina 100 can be booked across Bajaj dealerships. Subsequently, deliveries of the bike are expected to commence at the turn of the year across the country. As far as competition is concerned, the Bajaj Platina goes up against the likes of the Hero Splender, Hero Deluxe, and TVS Sport. Occupying the entry level sphere in the market, these bikes are naturally devoid of any fancy tech, and come equipped with standard components which makes them both affordable and dependable on a daily-to-day basis.

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