Two popular entry level sportbikes slug it out in a drag race.

Small capacity sportbikes are all the rage in India. They provide quite a few awesome perks as opposed to riding high displacement, fire breathing machines. For starters, they won't kill you if you give hamfisted inputs to the throttle. They also look really cool and give off an aesthetic similar to that of their track-oriented counterparts.

Not to mention, these bikes often come with pretty peppy engines which are both fun and tractable at the same time. Lastly, entry-level sportbikes are usually extremely affordable—both to buy, and to maintain. That said, bikes like the KTM RC 200 and Bajaj Pulsar RS200 are favorites among young sportbike enthusiasts in India. So, this undoubtedly begs the question: which one is faster? Well, before we get into it, let's take a broad look at both of these bikes. It may come as a surprise to you that the KTM RC 200 and the Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 are in fact related.

KTM RC 200
Bajaj Pulsar 200

Bajaj Auto India in fact assembles the KTM RC 200 as well as a few other KTM bikes for the Indian and other Asian markets. It has also been responsible for the development of the 199cc single cylinder engine found in the RC 200—an engine that bears an uncanny mechanical resemblance to that of the Bajaj Pulsar RS200. With that in mind, which bike is faster in a straight line? Well, lucky for us, we're about to find out, as Indian motovlogger KSC Vlogs has put the two bikes to the test in a drag race. 

As is the case in most drag races, the racers set out to a two-out-of-three matchup. Unsurprisingly, the KTM takes the cake in both rounds. In the first round, the KTM makes mincemeat of the Bajaj thanks to its lighter weight and slightly higher power output. The second round initially looked to be in the favor of the RS200, but the KTM RC 200 began to pull away towards the latter half of the race, once again propelled by a slightly higher power output.