If you like to wear goggles for any reason, you know that not just any pair of goggles will do. There are, after all, a lot of considerations. Do they fit your face right? What’s the field of vision like? Do you wear glasses, and if so, do the goggles you’re considering play nicely with them? Most importantly, how much do they fog up

Klim took all these factors into account when creating its new Edge goggles. Now, the company refers to these as “frameless,” which isn’t entirely true. Unlike, say, a pair of frameless eyeglasses, there’s no good way to mount a big goggle lens to your face while preventing fogging and moisture buildup without some type of frame.  

What “frameless” means, in this case, is that the Edge goggles use a unique magnetic system that connects the lens to the part that goes up against your face. That lens goes all the way to the edge, and doesn’t need to slide inside the lip of a frame for installation. There’s a latching mechanism on the side that acts as backup to hold the lens in place, but the strong, strategically placed magnets do most of the work.  

Gallery: Klim Edge Goggles

Klim says that this design came as a direct result of consulting with snowcross, backcountry, and other off-road riders who wear goggles on a regular basis. If you want to know what goggles-wearers want, why not ask them? That’s also how the company worked on expanding field of vision, anti-fogging characteristics, and comfort levels.  

Within the foam, the nose area is debossed so that it seals up nicely against a wide variety of face shapes, but also doesn’t press on the bridge of your nose to make it uncomfortable or hard to breathe. The strap is a 15mm wide outrigger design with silicone bits underneath to grip your helmet well. The magnetic lens-locking system is easy and quick to change on the fly if the light changes while you’re out.  

Both the Edge goggles and replacement lenses are available in a variety of colors and levels of smokiness. MSRP on the goggles directly from Klim is $149.99, and other retailers carry them as well. 

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