It’s the middle of August, 2020, as I write this—which means autumn is just around the corner. If one of your favorite things is off-road riding through all the glorious changing colors of the season, Klim has some new gear to keep you almost as bright as those leaves.  

You may already know about Klim’s Dakar, Mojave, and XC Lite off-road lines—and they’re not substantively changing at this time. However, they’re getting some brand-new color options you may want to know about if you’re looking to refresh your off-road wardrobe in anticipation of autumn riding. 

What are the differences between the three lines? The Dakar line puts durability first, with airflow second. Meanwhile, the Mojave flips that script and offers even more mesh panels to get better airflow as you’re riding. Finally, the XC Lite line is meant for more aggressive riding, using airflow, moisture-wicking, and ample flexibility of fabric to up your riding satisfaction. 

Klim Dakar New Colors Action Fall 2020

The Dakar jersey, pant, and glove now comes in a new matched-color set that’s aqua blue, black, and orange. There’s also a separate new jersey colorway that features sage green with lime green and gray accents.  

Klim Mojave New Colors Fall 2020

Meanwhile, the Mojave jersey, pant, and glove now comes in a new matched-color set that’s red, white, black, and aqua-blue. It gives off a super ‘80s vibe in styling and graphics, so if you’re looking for a more retro-styled look, this might be the line for you. There’s a new orange, black, and gray jersey in this line, as well.  

Klim XC-Lite New Colors Fall 2020

Finally, the new XC-Lite colors are looking especially ‘90s, particularly with the font Klim chose to use for its logo. That’s not a value judgment; just an observation. Unlike with the Dakar and Mojave lines, the XC Lite gets two new matched-color sets to choose from in jersey, pants, and gloves: a red, black, gray, and white one, and a sage green, lime green, gray, and black one. Do you choose the fire, the forest, or a set of each? Your choice.  

Any and all of this gear is currently available directly from Klim, so take a look and see if any of it strikes your fancy. 

Source: Klim 

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