Royal Enfield continues its efforts to get and keep the biggest fanbase it can in 2020. On June 16, 2020, it unveiled its first Women’s Wear collection, full of safety gear and casual apparel for women riders across India. As of right now, you can buy it directly through RE’s online store, or at select RE dealers in Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. 

From all-season jackets to mesh-equipped summer riding gear, Royal Enfield offers a range of colors and styles to suit most women riders. Three separate models of short glove are available, with no modern gauntlet types because Royal Enfield is clearly striving for timeless style. Both the Summer Riding Gloves (available in red, blue, and yellow) and the Vintage Riding Women’s Gloves (available in tan) feature perforations for ample airflow as you’re riding. The Women’s Military Gloves (available in olive) do not, and are better suited to cooler weather conditions. 

Royal Enfield’s all-season gear is called Nubra, and the Nubra Women 4 Season Riding Jacket (available in olive) comes with two detachable liners inside: a rain liner and a winter liner. CE shoulder and elbow armor is included, and Cordura denim reinforcements are sewn at those key impact zones to increase abrasion resistance. It features front and back vents, and YKK zippers all around.  

Meanwhile, the company’s summer gear is evocatively called Breeze, and the Breeze Women Riding Jacket is available in black with red accents. It comes with an integrated rain liner, and I’d love to tell you about whether it has armor or not, but unfortunately Enfield seems to have swapped some slides for one of its new women’s pants into its entry for this jacket. Since the other jackets and pants have CE armor, the Breeze jacket probably does as well, but you may want to ask Royal Enfield before you buy.  

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The accompanying Nubra and Breeze women’s motorcycle pants complement their respective jackets, and feature zipper connections to secure them to your jacket like you’d expect. CE armor and an added layer of Cordura over impact zones are standard. Both pairs of pants feature a tailored cut.  

Besides the Nubra and Breeze matched set offerings, Royal Enfield offers three additional standalone jackets for women. There’s the very vintage-styled Girls On Wheels women riding jacket, which comes in olive and has leather patches over the shoulders and elbows. The Wild One leather jacket is available in your choice of either black or red, with waist adjustment straps and a classic motorcycle jacket profile. For a more modern yet still timeless look, the Marshal leather jacket is available in black or brown. It comes with pockets for elbow, shoulder, and back armor, although no armor is currently listed as available for separate sale in Royal Enfield’s online store.  

What does everything cost? Casual t-shirts start at 700 rupees, or just over US $9. Moto safety gear starts at 2,000 rupees for the women’s military glove, or about $26. The top end of women’s safety gear pricing from Royal Enfield in this collection is 14,000 rupees for the Nubra 4-season riding jacket, or $184.  

There’s no mention at this time of when or if Royal Enfield intends to release its women’s collection outside of India. Currently, RE sells its casual apparel worldwide, and also sells its extensive line of men’s moto safety gear in select international markets.  

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